Product Description:

Upgrade your pool system with the AQUAMAX S Series 1.1kw Pool Pump and Motor, a new addition to our superior line of pool equipment. Renowned for robust performance and reliability, this pump and motor are perfect for pools up to 60,000 litres.

Crafted for optimum efficiency, this self-priming, centrifugal pump comes with a closed vane impeller. The pump is also equipped with a leaf trap strainer, a mechanical shaft, and a squirrel cage induction motor. These features, combined with heavy-duty ball bearings, ensure smooth and hassle-free operation. Thanks to the inner threaded inlet and outlet installations, you can expect secure and effortless connections.

Product Details:

  • Product Type: Pool Pump and Motor
  • Brand: AQUAMAX
  • Power Output: 1.1kw
  • Suitability: Ideal for pools up to 75,000 litres
  • Warranty: 2-year manufacturing defects warranty

Key Features:

  • Powerful Performance: The 1.1kw output delivers effective circulation for your pool.
  • Durable Construction: Features a mechanical shaft and a squirrel cage induction motor for long-lasting durability.
  • Self-Priming Capabilities: This pump primes quickly and operates efficiently.
  • Efficient Design: The closed vane impeller enhances the pump’s efficiency for maximum water flow.
  • Leaf Trap Strainer: Prevents debris from entering and damaging the pump, extending its lifespan.
  • Easy Installation: Compatible with existing Speck porpoise pump installations, although professional installation is recommended.
  • Cam and Ramp Lid: Securely locks in place with a quarter-turn.
  • See-Through Lid: Enables easy inspection of the strainer basket.

Recommended Use: Compatible with AQUAMAX/AQUAFLO, EARTHCO, or QUALITY 4 bag sand filters.

Warranty Information:

Warranty Coverage: The AQUAMAX/AQUAFLO Pool Pump is covered by a 24-month warranty against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty period starts from the date of purchase.

Fully Factory Tested: Rest assured that your AQUAMAX/AQUAFLO Pool Pump has undergone thorough testing at the factory to ensure its quality and functionality.

Sole Responsibility of the Manufacturer: In the event of a valid warranty claim, Aquamax or its authorized distributors have the following options for the end user:

Repair: If the AQUAMAX/AQUAFLO Pool Pump, or any of its components, are found to be defective in material or workmanship, Aquamax will arrange for necessary repairs at no cost to you. Our goal is to promptly restore your pump’s functionality.

Replacement or Credit: In exceptional circumstances and solely at the discretion of Aquamax or its authorized distributors, you may be eligible for a replacement AQUAMAX/AQUAFLO Pool Pump or a credit note equivalent to the original purchase price (excluding delivery/shipping costs) for the defective goods or parts. This option will be exercised within 7 days of the purchase date.

Limitations and Exclusions: Please note that this warranty constitutes the complete warranty for the product and supersedes all other warranties, whether expressed or implied. This includes any implied warranties by distributors, salespersons, or fitness for a specific purpose. The warranty specifically covers defects in materials and workmanship of the product itself. It does not extend to travel, installation, or labor costs related to the removal or reinstallation of the product.

The warranty will be rendered null and void if damages or issues result from failure to comply with the manual’s instructions or accepted engineering practices.

Retaining proof of purchase is important, as warranty claims may require it.

For any warranty-related inquiries or claims, please contact our Customer Support. We are here to assist you throughout the process and provide the necessary guidance.

Package Includes: 1 x AQUAMAX S 1.1kW Pool Pump and Motor