Product Overview:

The Gemini Twinsweep Pool Cleaner stands out as an efficient and robust solution to all your pool cleaning challenges. Designed with advanced features and innovative technology, it promises not only spotless cleaning but also longevity and durability, catering to both plastered and fiberglass pools.

Key Features:

  • Hammer Action Cleaning: Experience the efficiency of the hammer action mechanism, ensuring an impeccable and thorough cleaning of your pool.
  • UV Protected Components: Crafted with a UV stabilized hose and a UV protected body, the Gemini Twinsweep guarantees extended life by resisting harmful sun rays, thereby ensuring your pool cleaner lasts longer.
  • Wide Suction Mouth: No debris is too big or small for the Gemini Twinsweep. Its broad suction mouth ensures it captures all, leaving your pool pristine.
  • Unique Swinging Float Arm: This innovative feature ensures diverse cleaning patterns, ensuring every nook and cranny of your pool is reached.
  • Optimal Performance with Less Suction: Unlike many pool cleaners, the Gemini operates at its best even with less suction. This not only ensures top-notch cleaning but also minimizes wear and tear on your pool’s pump.
  • One-Piece Body Design: With its patented one-piece body design, the Gemini Twinsweep offers unmatched strength and stability, promising durability and a longer lifespan.

Package Contents:

When you unbox the Gemini Twinsweep Pool Cleaner package, you will find:

  • 1 x Gemini Pool Cleaner
  • Hoses totaling 8.4 meters in length