The Waterwell pro 458 professional Chlorine is a granular, premium concentrate product which sanitizes and clarifies swimming pool water (FREE SUPER SHEEN WATER CLARIFIER} – leaving you with sparkling perfection. When added to your swimming pool or Jacuzzi spa, the chemical acts to protect against bacteria and destroys enzymes. This is the best 10kg chlorine on the market, give it a try and you will see! This 10kg chlorine is a 10kg UNSTABILSED granular pool chlorine that when added to your pool will increase sanitation to keep you swimming!

When should I add chlorine to my pool?

Recommended routine dosage for 50,000 litre pools.

Do daily checks to ensure chlorine residual is between 1.0-2.5ppm.
Add approximately 250g WATERWELL PROFESSIONAL CHLORINE (cup provided in bucket) granules daily or as often as is needed to maintain the recommended chlorine residual.
For stabilized pools (with a cyanuric acid level of 40-60ppm) add approximately 250g WATERWELL PROFESSIONAL CHLORINE Granular Chlorine every 2-3 days or as often as is necessary to maintain a chlorine residual level 1-3ppm.
Add WATERWELL PROFESSIONAL Granular Chlorine after heavy rain or lighting.

Can i use 458 Chlorine to shock treat my pool?

Recommended shock treatment for 50,000 litre pools or for low chlorine residual, algae, or coloured water:
Adjust pH to correct levels.
Add 750g-1kg around the sides of the pool whilst the filter is running.
Run the filter system continuously for 24 hours.
Check and adjust pH levels after 10-12 hours.
The pool should not be used until chlorine residual is below 3ppm.

Can you swim the same day you put chlorine in a pool?

After administering chlorine to a pool, one should wait approximately 2-4hours before swimming. Ideally the water should turnover at least once before swimming, meaning that the full volume of water has been cycled through the filter allowing the chlorine to be evenly distributed in the pool water.

How to safely add chlorine to a pool?

  1. Always backwash and rinse before administering any chemicals
  2. Remove the cleaner hose from the weir.
  3. Add the recommended amount of granular chlorine into a bucket of tap water and pour the solution through the weir while the system is on filter.
  4. Reconnect the cleaner hose to the weir.
  5. Allow the system to turn over the water volume at least once.

What’s in the bucket?

  • 1 x 4KG Granular Non-stabilized Chlorine
  • 1 x Measuring cup.